Who We Are

Our History

Founding 1970

Chattanooga Christian School, then named Lookout Mountain Christian School, opened its doors in September 1970 with a student body of 23, a full-time principal, a generous, hospitable church, a board of trustees with a lot of vision, and a small group of parents desiring a truly Christ-centered, 与圣经融合的教育,并愿意努力使愿景成为现实.

That first year ended with the same small student body of 7-12 graders, 但学校协会中家长们的远见卓识和董事会成员的敬业精神使这个年轻的组织得以生存. Two full-time teachers joined the staff for the second year of operation. Middle and high school students, along with the direction of their principal and teachers, 以同样的热情努力建立一个英国最佳博彩网,这可能是一个更大的学校的特征.


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  • 50 Years

在2020年,我们庆祝了50年的上帝的忠诚英国最佳博彩网(英国最佳博彩网). 当我们回顾过去的50年,我们看到神对学校的惊人安排. During the best and most challenging of times, 上帝坚定的爱奠定了成千上万的学生和家庭能够学习和成长的基础. In celebration, we put together a 50th Anniversary Video Series and Commemorative Book 提醒我们的社区过去的珍贵时刻,并鼓励他们为英国最佳博彩网的现在和未来.

Growth 1970 - 1988

Dr. Jack Fennema gave direction and spirit to the school in its first two years, 后来在学校的历史上,他在乔尔·贝尔茨的任期之后又回来当了两年校长. Growing slowly, 在Fennema的领导下,学校继续在了望山的各个地点招收高年级学生, Belz, and a third principal, Sam DeHaan. During the first decade, 这个教学项目是一个电子网络的一部分,包括远至新泽西州和爱荷华州的基督教学校. 学生们通过学习终端上的耳机接受校外老师的指导,并与其他学生和老师进行远程讨论. Because each participating school provided several teachers for the network, 每所学校的学生还在自己学校的一些科目上接受了“现场”教学.

Four years after beginning, 英国最佳博彩网 graduated its first class, the class of 1974, and like the classes that followed, all the original graduates attended college. As more and more families became involved with the school, 英国最佳博彩网离开了网络,提供了自己的优质教师进行现场教学,并开始考虑增加小学年级的需求.

In the fall of 1978, 英国最佳博彩网在瞭望山开设了小学分部,第二年增加了六年级,使学校成为一个完整的K-12课程. For a brief time, 英国最佳博彩网还为2至5岁的学生提供了一个名为“养育中心”的学前教育项目, but closed that branch in 1984. Dr. 布鲁斯·赫克曼(Bruce Hekman)在这期间担任校长,并指导学校的课程, faculty, and student body.

唐·霍尔维尔达于1981年跟随赫克曼,开始了近三十年的发展和扩张,将学校从租用的空间搬到了自己的校园,入学人数增加到超过1人,000 students. Additionally, during this time the school established balanced budgets, led capital expansions, and began the school endowments.

Consolidation to One Campus 1988 - 2009

英国最佳博彩网的愿景扩大了1982-1983年戏剧性地从了望山搬迁到布罗德街校园(现在充电器驱动器)的永久位置。. This was a step of faith and total dependence on God. 菲德小学分别在瞭望山、信号山和希克森建立. All these locations found excellent cooperation with hosting churches, 但在1988年,所有年级都被合并到布罗德街校区,使学校成为一所K-12机构.

Between the years of 1982 and 2008, construction was a common sight on the campus. Nearly every year a new project was begun to add or expand classrooms. 在20世纪80年代,工业和实用艺术大楼(现在的蒂姆·福特斯工业艺术大楼), the middle school, and varsity gym were built. The 1990s brought the media center (now Learning Commons); the elementary, varsity gym, and middle school expansions; the fine arts performance center and gallery; the high school practice gym; and additional classrooms. In 2002, the lunch pavilion was added, and in 2003-2004 the high school was again expanded, adding classrooms, vocal music space, and the art and dance studios. In addition to buildings, 学校扩大了课程设置,并增加了操场用地(当时面积超过50英亩), athletic fields, tennis courts, recreation areas, baseball and softball diamonds, lighted soccer and football fields, a lighted track and field complex, and a cross country course.

Recent Years 2009 - Present

In 2009, Chad Dirkse was named school President. The campus continued to expand with the purchase of an additional 17 acres and 40,000 square feet of warehouse facility across 33rd Street from the current campus. In the fall of 2013, David Stanton Field was reopened as a multiple use stadium holding more than 3,500 spectators. The start of 2014-2015 was highlighted by the reintroduction of a PreSchool program, 一个新的操场的建设,在未来的许多年里,我们的幼儿园到五年级的学生都将使用这个操场, and the addition of the Power House, a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facility. This facility is designed to accommodate lifetime fitness-oriented physical education, and it is equipped with full locker rooms, shower facilities, public restrooms, a large stadium seating classroom, coaches offices, and a full-service concession stand.

In 2017 英国最佳博彩网 launched the Flourish Campaign, the largest capital campaign to date with plans to raised $7.8 million over 3 years. In addition to raising funds for need-based financial aid, capital projects included a new science wing in the High School, Student Life spaces including an Open-Air Pavilion, a new Lower School building with STEM room, a new Spirit Shop & Cafe, and renovations of the Fine Arts Center and Varsity Gym. Because of the generosity of the 英国最佳博彩网 community, the school met the campaign goal in 2 years, and in the spring of 2019, added a final year to the campaign. The Flourish Expanded Campaign funded construction of The Learning Center, serving older students with more significant disabilities; a commercial kitchen; and an indoor athletic facility. Also in 2019, 英国最佳博彩网 launched The King School, a neighborhood micro school housed in partner church, Olivet Baptist Church.

Since 1970, 英国最佳博彩网核心质量背后的持续力量是其忠诚的教职员工. From the early days of the school, when 2 full-time faculty led a small group of students, to the present day, when more than 150 faculty lead over 1,320 students, 神的信实在他呼召来教导和训练学生的人身上表现得最明显. Through their sacrificial efforts came the development of a comprehensive, biblically-integrated, Christ-centered curriculum and extraordinary curricular and co-curricular programs. 从历史上看,没有什么比师生关系的发展质量更能证明这所学校的实力了.

In 50 years, 在英国最佳博彩网的成长和变化已经清楚地证明了上帝的信实和牺牲的父母的承诺, students, faculty, staff, administration, the board, and countless 英国最佳博彩网 supporters.

The richness of our history gives us great hope for the future!